Infrastructure Solutions

Since our creation in early 2014, Five has engaged in extensive formal and informal community consultation and have been advocating our policy positions with various government bodies. Our members have also been “out and about” on our bikes and on foot, to identify danger spots and routes that naturally lend themselves to being earmarked as cyclist and pedestrian thoroughfares.

The members of Five believe that the active transport needs of Perth can be met by implementing a combination of infrastructure solutions, to create Safe Active Streets, including:

Five-map-button-• Safe Active Streets / Bike Boulevards
Used in many cities around the world (examples include Vancouver, Canada and Portland, USA) a ‘safe active street’ or ‘bike boulevard’ is typically a suburban street with traffic calming measures in place (eg a reduced speed limit, signage to give priority to cyclists, and signage and/or physical barriers to allow local traffic but to discourage through-traffic)

• Mixed-use and single-use paths

• Paths that follow roads and paths that don’t

• Barriers between motorised and non-motorised travellers
For example fences, bollards, plastic “armadillos”, overpasses and underpasses, or green belts like verges or street plantings

• Pedestrian and cyclist refuges in the middle of busy roads

• Improved traffic calming measures at intersections

• Clean and safe end-of-trip facilities
For example; bike storage, showers, change rooms, lockers; in key locations linked by safe bicycle routes.

While Five represents the City of Nedlands, our larger vision is to break down barriers to instituting biking solutions in suburbia generally. We would like to see Safe Active Streets in all suburbs of WA. Ultimately, we would like to see the connection of those suburbs so that people can easily and safely walk, run or cycle all over WA.

If you would be interested in joining or connecting Five, Nedlands, with your community we would welcome your interest, so please contact us here>>