The Five team is comprised of a diverse group of the community including residents, parents & principals from local primary schools and high schools, as well as representatives from the University of WA and Shenton College.

Primary Schools include:

  • Dalkeith
  • Freshwater Bay
  • Hollywood
  • Loreto Nedlands
  • Nedlands
  • Swanbourne
  • Mt Claremont

High Schools include:

  • Shenton College

Organisations include:

  • University of Western  Australia

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Some Members of Five include:

Natasha-Five-MemberNatasha Blycha, Five Member, Community of Claremont

Natasha is a lawyer who is passionate about making it easy for people to get outside safely and easily.

She has four children and loves to travel.

Her experiences living in a  number of different countries have influenced her desire to see world class, beautiful urban design here in Perth.

janeJane Leaversuch, Five Member, Community of Nedlands

Jane is a mother of three who loves spending time, walking, surfing, cycling and running, with family and friends, at the beach, river and parks in Perth.   Jane ’s passion is building communities that care about each other and their environment. She is a Professional & Personal Development Coach.
For Jane ‘Five’ represents the vision of building connections within the community to create friendly & welcoming, active & healthy neighbourhoods where people can travel easily and safely.

MichelleMichelle Parsons, Five Member, Community of Dalkeith
Michelle is a lawyer who currently is currently at home on a full time basis with her three children. Having relocated to Perth from Sydney at the beginning of 2012, Michelle was excited to be living in a city where cycling her children to school and within the local community was an activity she could undertake far more easily and safely than was the case in Sydney. Michelle would love to see greater numbers of school children and other members of the community “out and about” on their bikes, as well as using other modes of active transport, and taking advantage of the clean air, amazing weather, and naturally beautiful streets and urban spaces that we are so lucky to have in Perth.

MiriamMiriam Stanborough, Five Member, Community of Nedlands

Miriam is a chemical engineer in the mining industry.   She is a mother of three, and regularly cycles with her family to school and to local activities.   Miriam sees first-hand the positive impact that active transport has on wellbeing, community cohesiveness and the environment.
She is excited by the benefits that will flow from well-planned active transport infrastructure, and the potential to dramatically increase the number of people accessing local areas of amenity by bike, scooter or on foot.

NickNick Thomas, Five Member, Community of Nedlands

Nick supports growth of vibrant local communities.

Providing opportunities for all ages, from 8 to 80, to ride and walk locally is key to achieving this.

Nick rides and walks locally with his family and would love to see more cargo bikes. Nick has lived throughout Australia and overseas and seen the good and not so good  supporting bike transportation.

JonJon Hanson , Five Member, Community of Nedlands

After being introduced to competitive cycling by his son Jon Hanson is now well and truly hooked. He rides on a daily basis. He also races in D Grade and is very slowly improving. But he also finds time to ride with his daughter and he finds these rides much more frightening than with his club or in a race. Quite simply the infrastructure isn’t there to provide safe riding on our roads. Hence his involvement in Five.
Jon is keen to see infrastructure improvements for both getting to the shops and for longer distance and faster speed riding.